Our Services:

✔ Port Agency Representation

We, “PAS Ceylon” handle casual callers / Break-bulk / LPG Carriers and Tankers / Ro – Ro vessels calls to any of the sea ports in Sri Lanka for Cargo handling Operations. We specialized in handling project cargo with Heavy Lift carrying vessels for off shore operations. Also, we handle and attend any kind of repairs at Dry Dock or Afloat, with highly qualified Engineers and Personals with high tech machineries and technology.

✔ Transit of Arms and Ammunitions for Vessel Protection & Attendance to Security Personnel

Providing / assisting security personnel to obtain visa on their arrival to the Airport and sea ports. Accommodation / meals, arrangements in our own villas or in hotels for their stay. Weapons, ammunitions and other accessory, customs and other authority clearance / storage and transfers. Weapons / ammunitions and other accessories, importation and exportations by air freight and obtaining all the relevant licenses and arranging transfers from Airport to Port of Galle for storage and transits.

✔ Crew Repatriation

We “PAS Sri Lanka” is capable in handling and assisting for Crew Changes for vessels calling at any Sea Port in Sri Lanka, at alongside berth / anchorage or OPL, even with a short notice. Also capable in handling sick crew members including medical assistance etc.

✔ Clearance and Delivery of Ships Spares

Specialized in handling / clearing of ships spares arriving through Airfreight or Sea Fright in terms of Courier packages and we ensure proper transfer to the respective vessels. Simultaneously, we also handle off-landing spares, clearing and arranging for their exports.

✔ Shipchandling Services

  • Fresh vegetable
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh water
  • Meat items / Sea foods
  • Dairy Products (Fresh milk, Cheese, Butter, etc)
  • Bond stores (Beer, Liquor, Wine spirits, Cigarettes)
  • Navigational equipments
  • Safety equipments
  • Medicine stores
  • Stationary
  • Cabin Stores