Port Facilities of Colombo

The port of Colombo situated on the south-western shores of the Kelani River in Colombo, is the largest port in Sri Lanka where it serves as a vital terminal in Asia due to its strategic location. The exact Latitude is 6º 55 50 N and a Longitude 79º 50 55 E. The port of Colombo is operated and under the responsibility Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA). The Port of Colombo has a total land area of 1,200 acres and features three container terminals and currently has a capacity of 4.1 million TEUs and a dredged depth of over 15 m (49 ft.).

Photos port of colombo

Facilities available:

➤ Maximum Vessel Size: Over 500 feet in length

➤ Warehouse Available For Bonding Of Cargo

➤ 285 Terminal tractors and trailers

➤ 14 Quay Cranes

➤ 12 Super-Post Panamax Cranes

➤ 1 Twin lift Super-Post Panamax Crane

➤ 4 Wall-mounted Gantries

➤ 7 Container Berths

➤ 78 Rubber-tyred Gantries